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Kev training with 'Husky', his sledge simulator for the 6633 ultra

Kev has set himself plenty of goals for 2018 & these include the Races below:

"In all aspects of my life, I have always believed that if you only do what you have done before that is not progress, additionally, I have always had an aversion to false accolades. Having said that, its really about self actualisation; that is, me knowing that when it came to it I pushed myself and did the best that I could in any given situation.

"As at January 2018 I feel physically 95% and that is good enough for me to crack on and try to better what I have done before. Running is also the thing that keeps me at 95% mentality or above. Before I believed I could run again I was at my lowest ebb in life, teetering into the minus percentage at times.

"And if anyone asks me what they should do if their own situation is suffocating them, then I just say this; find those things in life that make you smile, give you zest, that encourage you to be more positive... and pursue them. Even if it seems silly or unimportant to others or even yourself at times, if it has a positive effect then do it. It will lead you to a better place than the one you're in right now and that, quite simply, is progress and you have no way of knowing what doors it will open up in the future, you really, really don't!!

"Personally, I don't want those dark times back so below is what I am planning to do to help my health stay as strong as possible in the circumstances, which as I've said also keeps my mind strong too."

March, 2018

The 6633 Ultra, Canada

  • Distance

    120 or 350 miles

  • Number of Runners

    25+ runners in total
  • Duration

    8 Days
  • Starting Location

    Eagle Plains, Yukon Territory, Canada
  • Finish Line

    Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada

6633 Route

From Eagle Plains to Tuktoyakatuk

"I chose this race because I've done some events in heat and whilst I love the heat and it will always be a challenge I wanted to push myself differently. An event called Fire and Ice in Iceland in September 2017 was a stab at performing in the cold but in the end it was not much colder than an average English winter.

The 6633, however, is in a different league. It is run entirely in Canada and just getting there is an adventure with a flight to Vancouver, then another to a small place called Whitehorse. From there is a drive north to the start in Eagle Plains. The finish is at Tuktoyakatuk on the shore of the Arctic Ocean 350 miles later!

This is a self sufficient race so I have to use a Pulk (sled) to carry all my necessary kit, pulling it along myself and on it will be all my food, my sleeping bag, a bivvy bag (an outer survival layer for protection), cooking equipment and all my other bits and pieces. You pretty much sleep in the snow, at times heat snow for drinking water and one 'small' detail is that the temperature will drop below -50c at times!

This race is over twice the distance of any race I have done before and far more brutal. The full distance is 250 miles but I have an option to finish at 120 miles and get a medal and completion. I would only take that if physically I could get nowhere near the 350 finish, say if I'm injured or things start to go awry drastically with my health. The thing is, should I go on after that 120 mile mark and NOT complete the 350 in the allowed 8 days then I will end up with nothing. It's quite a quandary and a very real amount of jeopardy about many aspects of this savage event."

April, 2018

The Marathon des Sables, Morocco

  • Distance

    250 km

  • Number of Runners

    1,000+ runners approx.
  • Duration

    5 Days
  • Starting Location

    Sahara Desert
  • Finish Line

    Sahara Desert

Marathon des Sables route

250K across the Sahara Desert

"I love, love, love this race. If there's one multi-stage ultra race that everyone should have a go at its this. Yes it costs but the organisation is second to none and the actual race is brutal; 250 kilometres across massive sand dunes that seem to go on forever; mountains (Jebels); endless salt flats. But the camaraderie on this event is the best I have ever experienced, its amazing and I will never forget my mates from previous events, those guys in tents 105 (in 2016) and 107 (in 2017).

Again, this is a self-sufficiency event so you have to carry a pack with your water and supplies but thankfully you can sleep in between stages and the temperatures do cool down at night.

Just because I have done it before it wont be any easier I can tell you and the challenge this time is that I will only be home 14 nights from the 6633 ultra before I am off to Morocco. So that's going from competing in minus 50 degrees to plus 50 degrees inside a fortnight!"

May/June 2018

Northen England : TBC

"As of yet not firmed up but I'm currently considering a 200-300 mile hike across Northern England, more when I have confirmed but it will be in excess of a marathon distance per day."

July, 2018

Al Andalus, Spain

  • Distance

    230 km

  • Number of Runners

    80 runners approx.
  • Duration

    5 Days
  • Starting & Finishing Location

    Loja, Andalusia, Spain
  • Ascent & Descent

    Over 14,000m in all

Al Andalus route

From Loja > Alhama de Grenada > Játar > Jayena and back!

"I did this race in 2017 and it's 230 kilometres in the mountains in an area of Spain called Andalusia. It's not self-sufficient so no pack but in 2016 we experienced the hottest day on record where it was 47.5c in the shade and unlike the Sahara, it never really cooled down that much at night.

There is over 7000m of ascent – and what goes up must come down which puts a whole different level of strain on your legs as you descend. It is arid, undulating, dusty, the running surfaces are extremely tricky at points, so all in all a really tough challenge and the unbelievably scorching sun with practically no shade throughout.

So, why enter it again? Well, its unfinished business as I was pulled out by the race director 18 kilometres from the end in dubious circumstances. However it's not worth bleating about it, the rights and wrongs, what's done is done and now I have to prove to myself that I am good enough and complete it in 2018!"

September/October, 2018

California : TBC

"My early thoughts are that I may be running in California with Nick Butter for a few weeks somewhere amid his
world record attempt of 196 marathons, one in every country in the world."

November, 2018

Possible World Record Attempt : TBC

"Possible a world first for me and a world record attempt. Right now it's got to stay totally under wraps as I need to get lots of
confirmations but currently it is looking promising."

2019 ++

Bigger, Tougher, Crazier, Longer..??

"So, the plan is -if I'm still around of course and like I've said elsewhere on my website I can only hope for the best and keep going as I am doing- for me to tackle even tougher challenges and to not stop in my mission to raise both funds and awareness to tackle prostate cancer.

"In my mind I know that I have a fine line to walk along when it comes to choosing to participate in an event that pushes me to my limits... and making sure that it doesn't polish me off! As such, I've never done an jungle ultra as I'm petrified of snakes so by all means I should be looking at getting one under my belt but I also know that eveyone I know that has attempted one has ended up getting quite ill in terms of the digestive system, etc. So there's the possibility of me considering that but -with my condition in the forefront of my mind- I think I will need to get some really good informed opinions before I can make any kind of informed decisions.

"I'm also TOTALLY open to suggestions from anywhere else and would welcome all contact that could bring me a new challenge (or two!) in 2019.

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